Discovering Life Through Our Hands with Tehran’s @mo3eni

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"We always do our job with our hands, but we never focus on them," says Mohsen Oliaei (@mo3eni), an architecture student from Tehran who fills his Instagram account with photos from his daily life in a special and beautiful way. Mohsen uses hands in his photos to show our delicate interplay with the world around us: “We think that they’re just hands, but they aren’t. They put our feelings, thoughts and everything that happens in our minds into the things that we touch. They’re absolutely a bridge between our feelings and the outside world.”

Moshen says he relies on gut feeling when composing his photos. When shooting a small flower in his palm, for example, he “felt some love within it and thought that it needed a little light and a little help.” He further explains: “I felt a mixture of white light and my hand would remind some of serenity and peace. I think the center of composition is feeling—when you feel good about something, that’s the right composition.”


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